Fallout 2 Game Review

Fallout 2 Game Review

The next installment in the highly successful RPG series The Fallout franchise sees players returning to the irradiated post-apocalyptic world of Fallout. In contrast with its predecessor, Fallout 2 promises a much bigger and more dangerous sandbox environment. As you return to previous areas you’ll find that things have changed, not least the way you level up and acquire new skills. This article will look at this and some other key points relating to the new game.

There are now three different character types to play as in Fallout 2. Your character can be a sharpshooter or a laser pistol specialist, a strong melee combatant, or a sneaky sneak thief. You can even change your alignment to become a Warrior, a Night Elf, or a Robot. New perks and attributes can also be acquired as you progress through the game, and these come in the form of implants that your character can develop over time. These give you new abilities and perks that will help you throughout your adventures and will be necessary for surviving the hazards you will face on your journey.

Another feature that really caught our eye when playing the game was the tutorial system. It’s really simple and easy to follow and we’ve found it makes playing the game more enjoyable. We especially liked the fact that there was an audio tutorial that played as you went around the map. We found it very helpful when going about exploring and finishing various quests. The tutorial will also show you where certain objects or locations are and will help you find them when you’re not actively searching for them. As we mentioned before, Fallout 2 is big on story and exploring, and this feature is an excellent way to tell a story and to instill a sense of adventure in you as you explore.

As part of this game’s story, you’ll have the opportunity to visit two major cities. We’d like to spend a few minutes discussing these cities in a Fallout 2 Game Review since they have a lot to offer you as you play the game. The two cities include New Vegas and HELEN LV Vegas. You will find these two destinations really interesting as you explore the environment and travel from place to place. In fact, we spent many nights camping out at one of the locations, so it is definitely worthwhile to read a little about both of these cities before moving onto the next part of our Fallout 2 Game Review.

New Vegas is basically just one section of the “Vault” that houses the Vegas Strip. Your job as the Courier is to go from one side of town to the other and deliver items or fight off bad people in order to complete your assignment and get the items or weapons you need for your next mission. The side missions are varied and good. Some of them require you to kill some big creatures like vault rats or giant ants, while others will give you the chance to help people by eliminating a threat. The latter type of mission will have you protecting someone or hunting down a target which could be anyone from a super mutant to a member of the Van Damned.

The storyline is very good and I found myself engrossed in the whole thing. For those who are unfamiliar with this type of game, I’ll fill you in. The game takes place in an alternate version of Las Vegas wherein atomic bombs still fly over the city and the evil raiders are running rampant. A courier delivery has been interrupted and the game begins when a group of Americans arrives at the nuclear facility where the bombs are kept. As you play you learn more about this group and about their motives.

Your experience in this game will also include fighting and shooting the enemy. Carrying a gun helps a lot, especially if you want to defend yourself. Another option is to use a machine gun or frag Grenades. Other items include armor that increases your capabilities or health, a radiation suit that protects you from radiation, and a Fat Man which is a deadly gas bomb that deals massive damage.

When I say massive damage, I mean literally, hundreds of it. If you survive long enough in the game you can level up and become more powerful. The combat is what really gets me though because of all the death and gore. Although it is supposed to be a game for newbies, I’ve seen a lot of people starting to join in on the fun because the game is really well done and it really does feel like a horror game.

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