Chrono Trigger Game Review

Chrono Trigger Game Review

Chrono Trigger is a game that’s rather unique in the sense that it implements elements of the traditional role-playing games into the fighting gaming world. It takes you on a journey through many lands as a single main character and sees you put together each battle as well as possible by acquiring various artifacts along the way. At higher levels, you can even combine skills and weapons to deal out destruction wherever you want. For me, though, this game feels like a classic. Here’s a Chrono Trigger Game Review, focusing in particular on some of the game’s mechanics.

If you’re new to the world of Chrono Trigger, the game begins with its hero, Crono, on a quest to reach the legendary city of Chrono. Along the way, he must defeat enemies and find items and objects that can help him restore his powers. This game has an interesting time period, in that it deals with a big-hitting war that is happening around the time of the game’s events. The people in this part of the world have also developed strange power-bands that give them amazing strength.

Your job in the game will be to assist them in battling against the Chrono Trigger invaders. You’ll also be exploring various regions of the world that look like the typical topography of these types of games. You can find underground tunnels, ruined castles, and even huge underground wormholes that will transport you between areas. There are also several mysterious artifacts in the area that can be used to aid you as well.

When combat finally does begin, it’s not just your average hack and slash. In fact, much of the time you’ll be using special combos and abilities that can’t be done in normal fighting. These attacks, however, are learned and practiced through the course of your adventure. For example, when fighting a creature that’s far larger than you would normally expect, you’ll need to use a quick jump attack, then quickly execute another one after it connects. When Chrono Trigger is finished, you’ll have to recharge your magic pool by collecting gemstones along the way. This is where the game really opens up and becomes addicting.

However, the real focus of the game is its wonderful and imaginative physics system. For example, when a character is running, he won’t always bump into walls. If he were to run into a wall, it would disorient him and leave him vulnerable to attack from behind. When in battle, the same thing happens. A character who’s being attacked will often turn around to see what’s going on around them to avoid being knocked down or struck from behind.

In addition, the game has a nice touch when it comes to spell casting. Certain combinations of buttons will allow you to cast various spells at various targets. Some spells deal extra damage, some have an area of effect, others have a speed boost. During boss battles, you can even cast an ultimate spell that deals massive damage to the boss along with its nearest buddies.

Chrono Trigger is not just your standard RPG. It combines elements of several different genres into a single package. The game starts off with a prologue introducing you to the world of Chrono Trigger as well as how it came to be. Then you’ll enter dungeons where you’ll fight a variety of characters and complete various quests. You’ll also have the opportunity to travel back and forth between dimensions. In short, the game is an adventure role-playing game that also has puzzle elements.

The game certainly has a lot of replay value. In fact, this game is so fun that I decided to write a separate Chrono Trigger Game Review just on that point! But, you can save the game and come back to it later. In any case, this is one of the best RPGs for the PC out there today and I highly recommend it.

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