Borderlands 2 Review – An Honest and In-Depth Review

Borderlands 2 Review – An Honest and In-Depth Review

Borderlands 2 Review is out today and talks about the second in the award-winning series. In my opinion, the second in the series is better than the first as it improved on its predecessor. The game is set five years after the events of its predecessors, wherein a band of vault hunters called “The Hyperion robbers” have escaped from a government holding facility. They have taken refuge on Pandora, a floating continent where they continue their attacks on humanity. The sequel promises a grittier take on an already challenging game with more interesting missions and a heavier focus on combat.

Borderlands 2 picks up right where the first game left off, as you once again find yourself in the role of the ‘headquarters clerk’ for a new group of vault hunters called the Pandora crew. Your job is to keep them alive and well while they investigate the remains of a mysterious pre-apocalyptic event that wiped out most of the Earth’s human population. Your aim is not simply to make your team survive but also to help them overcome each challenge that comes your way. Much like the first game, in order to level up your character, you’ll need to complete quests or go on quests as random events cause each character to level up.

The story kicks off ten years after the events of the first game and centers on a man who wants to bring peace to Pandora – a planet governed by two evil empires. He sends his only son, Jon, into the Hyperion base to deliver some information about a missing piece of the planet. However, when Jon’s father, a Hyperion bounty hunter, arrives and captures him along with all of the other pilgrims, the two sides become locked in a struggle for the prize that has eluded them throughout the entire game – the legendary Pandora crystal. The player’s task is to rescue Jon and retrieve the crystallized object before the others do and the fight will take place on Pandora’s moon.

As in the first game, Borderlands 2 features top-notch voice acting talents such as Nolan North, Kari Carpenter, and many others. There are several supporting characters, most notably the game’s two protagonists, which are given excellent voice acting performances as well. The story’s procedural structure makes it replayable and enjoyable to return to because everything is linked to the action-packed gameplay.

As in the first game, the player controls the storyline through the various maps, each featuring their own storyline, different enemies, and treasures to find. There are also side quests and challenges that you can complete as you explore the maps. Each one takes a little bit of exploration and investigation before you can start the task; some side quests will require you to search for items and collect specific items in order to complete them. As you progress through the game, you’ll be rewarded with new guns, items used for combat, power-ups, etc. The only way to lose in a Gear Quest challenge is to quit, so try not to burn out your energy with too much activity.

The story in the second game revolves around a character called Jack. When he was young, his parents died in a freak accident and he was abandoned by his father. He then was taken in by the Sanctuary, a refuge for people that are weak and need a lot of care. Jack grew up in this shelter and became quite wise as a young adult. One of his early missions was to find the legendary’Pandora’ – which has special powers and is rumored to be the key to unlocking the secrets of mankind. With the help of another human called Cortex, who also happens to be the CEO of the Sanctuary, as well as some other key figures in the plot, Jack sets out to find Pandora.

In order to do so, however, he must find the entrance to the Pandora, which is guarded by creatures called ‘Gnarfs’. Along the way, Jack meets up with some pixies and Tiny Tina, who happen to know about the Pandora and know about where to find it. Together, they help Jack find the entrance to the Pandora and after they do, Jack realizes that the reason why the Pandora is being guarded is because of the ‘Gnarf’, a group of evil beings that are controlling the humans living in the Pandora area. So in order to destroy these creatures, Jack must prove his mettle by facing off against the evil boss, and use the knowledge of Pandora to his advantage. In the meantime, Tiny Tina comes back to earth and finds that her telekinetic abilities have increased, allowing her to get close enough to the boss to actually damage him.

As you can see from the above review, the premise of the game has been very well developed and interesting. It’s also an exciting game because you never know when the next challenge will arrive and what challenges are ahead of you. There are many elements in this game, such as the storyline, characters, voiceovers, music, etc. That’s why the entire game is considered to be one of the best shooting games on Xbox.

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